Decentralized multiсryptocurrency payment system. Worldwide. For business, consumers and community

  • without payment for connection
  • without intermediaries
  • with no transaction fee
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About conpay

The essence of the conpay project is the creation of a network of terminals with zero commission to make possible effective and simple use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment all over the world.

The idea of conpay is to create a world in which all human needs can be satisfied with cryptocurrency.

Conpay us already ON


shops already

installed it (beta version)



are waiting to install


crypto currencies

are supported

A means of motivating network participants to spread conpay platform around the world

Means of payment for paid services provided by the platform

Key indicator of project success

COP token distribution
Number of COP tokens
ICO sale
Conpay system
Core team, Advisors, Rewards
August 28 - September 11, 2017
Hurry up! Bonus for early birds – 33% until September 11

1 ETH = 45 000 COP,

1 COP = 0,00002222 ETH

During pre-ICO 75 millions COP
with fixed price will be distributed

Funds raised during pre-ICO will be spent on:
Legal issues, Marketing campaign.

For business

conpay terminal can be installed for free on any device. It allows businesses to attract new customers who have crypto currency.

Every day more and more people start using crypto currency so business can get more new customers.

Lately, crypto currency is often discussed in media. The refore, a company that accepts bitcoins or other crypto currencies attracts additional attention which works as a marketing tool. In addition, the progressive company forms a positive image among existing customers.

For customers

A customer can get anything he wants with any currency he has in any cafe, shop or hotel, in any place where conpay terminal is installed.

Using conpay means great savings because there is no transaction fee. Crypto currency becomes liquid and covers all customer’s needs.

Cool! Isn’t it?!

For community

The crypto community needs new infrastructure solutions. conpay gives an opportunity to everybody - miners, traders, blockchain entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, programmers, ICO participants - to pay with crypto currency anywhere in the world. This is a huge step towards the creation of a new economy.


III QR 2017
IV QR 2017
I QR 2018
II QR 2018
III QR 2018
IV QR 2018
Running conpay blockchain
Development of marketplace for retail terminal services
Increase in the scale and growth of network turnover
Entering the markets of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine
Entering the markets of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany
Entering the markets of Asia, Africa
Entering the markets of North and South Americas
Entering the market of Australia and Oceania
Development and adaptation of the product
Development and adaptation of the product
Launch of exchange of fiat money for crypto currency
Launch of Exchange 1.0
Launch of Exchange 2.0
Vladimir Serzhanovich
19 years is successfully engaged in business. He created projects in retail and service sectors from scratch. Successful entrepreneur since 1998. Venture investor. The founder of the blockchain laboratory ConsensusLab, the blockchain school, the blockchain hackathon, etc. In conpay project is actively engaged in attracting investment, building a team and business processes.
Timur Kornienko
Programmer. Education: Minsk College of Entrepreneurship, Information Systems and Technologies in Economics of BSUIR. Organization and participation in various projects in the National Bank of Belarus settlement center: automated cash-processing system, inter-bank information exchange system, implementation of blockchain technology in banking operations.
Inna Samovich
Graduated from Florida International University, School of Business Administration, Finance. Holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Kozminski University. 10 years of experience in company's operational and financial management. Participated in structuring and conducting the sale of companies to investors.
Olga Novitskaya
Adept in marketing in all its manifestations. Marketer with 20 years of experience in the FMCG sector. Head of Marketing department in Red Bull Belarus for 7 years. Expert in event marketing, new product launch and media communications. Specialist in social network promotion. Education: MBA in Economics and Technology (BSU, Minsk), Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM London).
Pavel Kazachonok
Digital-entrepreneur. Key competences: digital-project management, development and implementation of marketing strategies. Education: Minsk Innovation University - marketing in a digital environment, Mercuri international business school, IKRA — School of Interactive Communication - Strategy, creativity and media in digital, University of Pennsylvania - Course on gamification. 7-year business experience: Co-founder and CEO of companies with expertise in digital marketing for large local and global brands.
Viktor Suzdaltsev
Financial analyst
Key competences: finance, operations, project management. Education: Belarusian State Economic University, Finance; Master’s degree from Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomiczna im. Edwarda Wiszniewskiego, in Management, Accounting and Taxation. Course of Machine Learning - Stanford University. Work experience: 12 years of top management in Banking.
Arthur Pinchuk
IT Adviser
IT Solution Architecture, 15 years of IT expertise, hundreds of successfully completed web and mobile project , blockchain and cryptoeconomics specialist.
Pavel Zametniy
Product designer
8 years experience, focusing on Interactive experiences and Apps. Co-Founder of Jazzpixels design studio. Worked as Product designer on dating startup in Prague, Czech Republic for 1 year together with multi-cultural team, after it was sold to the East, Pavel relocated to Minsk and joined #1 Financial startup in Belarus founded by Victor Prokopenya – “exp(capital)” in a role of Senior UX/UI designer.
Rui Dong
Rui Dong
Toronto, Canada